It was back in my university days when the idea to create a bulgarian Table Top Role Playng Game came.
Along with a few friends – Bozhidar Grozdanov and Vladimir Jourjev we set on creating a system. The first one we created was using J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth legendarium.
Since all of us had tried creating fantasy worlds at some points prior our meeting we decided that we can bring those together. And that is how Endyval came to be.

Writing the stories of the world, thinking out the logic of its coming to be and making the first true steps in the world design. The geography of the continent and layout of the cities and dungeons was really fun

The first book was called “Twilight over Endyval”

It started a series of three books and people still playing it almost 20 years on.

The second one was called
“The home of Chaos”

And the last one
“The mirror of the gods”