A viking we will go…
Probably along with the crusades the period of the viking raids is the most popular period of European history.
And the mythology of the tribes of Northern Europe has given the world many books (among them Tolkien’s legendarium), movies and TV shows.
And the games as a medium never stood far behind.
On this one I started in Jotunheim – Creating the basic shape of the world on paper along with its locations. Creating the basic story of the quest line to retell a story of the myth within the Assassin’s creed own meta story.

Then I left the world creation to my colleagues and onto the creation of the quests themselves. The first and the last quests of the line got their basic structure and started taking shape.
After all this time it was fun to get back into scripting again.
Then I went on to work on the quests in Cent and the world events for the Essexe, Suthsexe, Hamtunscire, Wincestre and Cent.

These are all mine from start to finish:

A prayer for vengeance

Rock of Fertility

Eivor the sheepdog

Aflanc the terrible

The sky thief

Red in tooth and claw

We are all monsters

I worked on all the other world events in the above mentioned regions and I really enjoyed working on all of them.
Of all of them my most favourite are:
The Devil has all the best tunes (probably because of the catchy song)

The Prodigy (and I am not that big a fan of the band)

(It was actually fun to work on it and make the bear gentle and kind)